Here at Old Irish Ways , we have recreated an old irish family kitchen , it gIMG_4431-001ives you a sense of past generations grew up with. In the old Irish home, pictures decorated the kitchen walls. Religious pictures were seen in most homes and the tradition of the Sacred Heart still continues in many homes today. Other religious decorations, such as the famous Child of Prague, were also part of the household decorations. The tradition of the statue in the Irish kitchen  and in many homes around the world still exists.Underneath the picture of the Sacred Heart a candle was placed. Prayers on plaques and done in embroidered form, such as’Bless This House’ also decorated the walls. This can all be seen here at Old Irish Ways.

In the kitchen, the dresser was by far the most decorative furniture. Beautiful, colourful and decorative plates and china were displayed in the dresser. It was the pride of every household. The cups, plates, coffeepots and jugs were decorated in detail. Many of the large plates had pictures painted on them. Today modern versions of the old Irish dresser can be seen in many homes.


The hearth was the heart of the Irish cottage. It was used for cooking and was the place where people would gather round for a chat and storytelling. Above the fire place was very decorative with beautiful pottery pieces, ornaments, pictures and candle holders. To make the fire more decorative a colourful cloth was placed under the decorations. The painted kitchen walls of the cottage here in the picture make the room more colourful, bright and cheerful.


The Kitchen Fire played a major role in the life of the family kitchen it would have been used for cooking,drying etc…. We see the glazed pottery ornaments and pictures on the kitchen wall. Firesides today are still decorated and a variety of coloured tiles make it more decorative. Furniture was simple in the kitchen, plain wooden chairs which can be seen in the picture.

All these aspects of old irish life as preserved in our exhibits. So please come along and see. Click Here for more details

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