Basic Instinct

Logline: While investigating a savage murder a police detective becomes involved with the victim’s  lover who is also a suspect resulting in a bizarre love triangle that he must solve in order to find the murderer.

Thoughts: This major hit is almost 30 years old. Other than being slightly dated the film holds up. There have been few mysteries as well crafted. The film grossed $359 million which was a massive hall at the time.

The conventions of a great thriller.

1) Unwitting but Resourceful Hero:
Our detective’s rebellious past gives him the skills to solve this murder. He is so determined to find the murderer that he would even turn in his lover.
2) Dangerous Villain:
Who makes a great villain? Someone powerful with lots of money, who is trained in the art of mind games. The spin is that this suspect is drop dead gorgeous and irresistible to even the most honorable of men.
3) High Stakes:
His checkered past makes him susceptible to being framed and if he doesn’t solve the crime he could lose him job.
4) Life and Death Situation:
He hands the suspect an ice pick and allows her to tie him up both used in the murder he’s investigating. Is he next? But then two cops get murdered to cover the trail.
5) The movie is thrilling because?
It has a lot of sexual content and you wonder why will be the next victim all the way until the end.
All thrillers have three structural elements.
1) Big Mystery
Who killed the rock star. After a man is brutally murdered while having sex with a blonde woman, the mystery becomes “Who kills in this psycho-sexual way?”
2) Big Intrigue
Can our investigator follow the rules and stay clean long enough to solve the crime?
The psychological/sexual game between Catherine, Nick, and Beth.
3) Big Suspense
Is Nick being played as the next victim of Catherine’s new book?

If you haven’t seen this movie in a while it is easy to forget how well crafted the mystery is done. Every scene is a page turner.Especially if your like a lot of us and teeter on the verge of being a pervert. this movie has a lot to offer.