Parasite (2019)


Parasite movie is a Korean horror film about an isolated family that is being terrorized by parasites who have invaded their home. The protagonist, Park Do-ha, is the only immune member of the family and tries to help her parents and sister escape from the house before they become infected by the parasite. Parasite movie has won many awards for its production quality including Best Screenplay at Cannes Film Festival 2019.


Parasite, a 2019 science-fiction horror film, tells the story of a group of people who are trapped in their apartment building and must battle for survival. The movie was directed by Bong Joon Ho and stars Steven Yeun (Walking Dead), Tilda Swinton (Doctor Strange), Song Kang-ho (Snowpiercer), and more.

Score on Rotten Tomatoes

The 2019 movie Parasite is getting some pretty mixed reviews with a score of 90% on rotten tomatoes, with most reviewers giving it 7-8 stars out of 10. Is this the type of content you are looking for? We have plenty more to share that will be sure to satisfy your needs! Check back soon for new blog posts from our team who are eagerly waiting to write about movies, music, and other entertainment topics they love so much.

Similar Movies

This movie is a genre parasite because it takes from multiple genres and combines them into one. The result of this is a film that does not fit into any specific category. If you are looking for something new to watch, this may be the right choice for you! 

The trailer for this movie shows off its different aspects including horror, sci-fi, drama, and comedy. There is also an interesting plotline that will keep viewers engaged throughout the entire film. This might be what audiences need in order to get out of their comfort zone when watching movies! Here are some of the similar movies which you would love to watch if you like Parasite:

  • PANIC ROOM (2002)
  • GOSFORD PARK (2001)

Pros & Cons

‘Parasite’ offers you an engaging storyline where three different perspectives of parasitic invasion on humans are shown through their own setup – an ordinary American family coping with extraordinary circumstances at home when a parasitic worm infection turns their lives upside down which separates this film from others in its genre. 

The movie’s pacing is very slow-moving and it begins to get more interesting after the middle of the film which makes parasite near the end really worth watching.


Basic Instinct

Logline: While investigating a savage murder a police detective becomes involved with the victim’s  lover who is also a suspect resulting in a bizarre love triangle that he must solve in order to find the murderer.

Thoughts: This major hit is almost 30 years old. Other than being slightly dated the film holds up. There have been few mysteries as well crafted. The film grossed $359 million which was a massive hall at the time.

The conventions of a great thriller.

1) Unwitting but Resourceful Hero:
Our detective’s rebellious past gives him the skills to solve this murder. He is so determined to find the murderer that he would even turn in his lover.
2) Dangerous Villain:
Who makes a great villain? Someone powerful with lots of money, who is trained in the art of mind games. The spin is that this suspect is drop dead gorgeous and irresistible to even the most honorable of men.
3) High Stakes:
His checkered past makes him susceptible to being framed and if he doesn’t solve the crime he could lose him job.
4) Life and Death Situation:
He hands the suspect an ice pick and allows her to tie him up both used in the murder he’s investigating. Is he next? But then two cops get murdered to cover the trail.
5) The movie is thrilling because?
It has a lot of sexual content and you wonder why will be the next victim all the way until the end.
All thrillers have three structural elements.
1) Big Mystery
Who killed the rock star. After a man is brutally murdered while having sex with a blonde woman, the mystery becomes “Who kills in this psycho-sexual way?”
2) Big Intrigue
Can our investigator follow the rules and stay clean long enough to solve the crime?
The psychological/sexual game between Catherine, Nick, and Beth.
3) Big Suspense
Is Nick being played as the next victim of Catherine’s new book?

If you haven’t seen this movie in a while it is easy to forget how well crafted the mystery is done. Every scene is a page turner.Especially if your like a lot of us and teeter on the verge of being a pervert. this movie has a lot to offer.


Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Logline: Journalist Mikael Blomkvist is aided in his search for a woman who has been missing for forty years by Lisbeth Salander, a young computer hacker.

A deep analysis of the movie Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It’s been a few years since we have seen this film and we are instantly reminded why it made an impact and won so many awards.Unfortunately the only Oscar win was best editing but that was well deserved. Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter did a mastery job of building suspense from a great script and great directing but the true skill was in their edit, which delivered. It had two more nominations for sound and anyone who knows film making knows that real magic happens in the sound. Trent Reznor’s score didn’t get nominated but it’s damn good. The shame is that Rooney Mara got nominated but didn’t win. Her performance was incredible and carried the movie, after all not too many actors can stand scene to scene with James Bond. Yeah we are Daniel Craig fans too. But let’s look at the story and why it worked so well as one of this centuries top thrillers.

The conventions of a great thriller.


1) Unwitting but Resourceful Hero:

We have a great investigative reporter who is broken after recently being framed by a rich billionaire. After a lifetime of great detective work he made one mistake and it has cost him greatly. He is forced into the journey when the court case has nearly bankrupt him and he has no choice but to take the gig.

2)  Dangerous Villain:

Who makes a great villain? Someone powerful with lots of money, from a family of generations of power and manipulation. Money power and corruption.

3) High Stakes:

A detective who never loses but is coming off his first failure and has had his reputation damaged. He must prove himself all over again or his career as an investigative journalist will be over.

4) Life and Death Situation:

He takes the gig and must stay on the deserted family island to be close enough to the family to investigate. Then a rogue bullet almost hits him but was it an accident or does someone want him dead. Is he a threat to uncover the murder? Or are there other more serious things at risk. Who wants him dead? In the end he will come face to face with the killer and come close to death himself.

5) The movie is thrilling because?

 It’s a classic story of good vs evil. The rich and powerful versus the weak and broken who must over come.

All thrillers have three structural elements.

1) Big Mystery
Who killed the niece a generation ago.
2) Big Intrigue
Can an investigative journalist defeat a rich billionaire family and solve the murder that no one has been able to solve for a generation. The patriarch wants closure and he’s running out of time. A journalist with the assistance of a young bisexual mentally disturbed computer hacker can beat the family.
3) Big Suspense
Is the mystery what is seems and is she really dead? If she was killed why did no one ever find her body? Will this rich powerful family allow the mystery to be solved and why are they hiding from the truth?
If you haven’t seen this movie in a while it is currently being run on Netflix so catch it for free if you have a membership.