The Fugitive (1993)

Fugitive (1993) Movie Poster


Dr. Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford) is on a train to Chicago when it’s stopped by a signal, and a mysterious man offers him a drink of water. Kimble gratefully accepts but soon falls unconscious after being given an unidentified drug in the drink.

The unknown man then tries unsuccessfully to kill him with a makeshift garrote, but Kimble manages to escape from the moving train with his briefcase, which contains only a small amount of money and two changes of clothes. He eludes capture by the police and stumbles into Union Station in Chicago where, still groggy from his drugging, he is helped by the station janitor Sam (Danny Glover). After passing out in Sam’s apartment for several hours, he wakes up, and the two decide to go to Lt. Philip Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) office at the Chicago police station. Once they arrive, Kimble explains what happened on the train but claims he doesn’t know who tried to kill him or where his briefcase is.


  • Tommy Lee Jones (Ford) – Wanted man who is accused of murder
  • Sandra Bullock (Rachel) – His lookalike wife who assists him in proving his innocence to FBI Agent Gerard (Jones)
  • Jeroen Krabbé (Kittredge) – A high ranked officer in Dutch law enforcement, assists Tommy Lee and Rachel in tracking down the real killer. Ben Vereen (Ives) – An FBI Agent who tracks Ford and his wife in hopes of capturing them, 
  • Charles Napier (Bartok) – A corrupt police officer who wants to capture Tommy Lee and Rachel because they broke into his apartment and killed his pet parakeet. 
  • Fred Dalton Thompson (Gerard) – A veteran FBI Agent who believes that Ford is guilty of killing his wife, eventually leading to a confrontation between himself and Ford. 
  • Tommy Hollamon (Bobby) – A young man who assists Tommy Lee and by providing them with clothes 

Rotten tomatoes score of the movie is 89%. The Fugitive is the second-highest grossing movie genre of all time, behind only mystery movies.

Although there have been a number of major releases in the past few years, including The Fugitive (1993), which brought about one of Harrison Ford’s most famous roles, and a remake of the original film back in 2000 starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, crime drama-thriller fans can still get their fix from the huge variety on offer from some excellent shows currently airing on TV.

In fact, if you had to pick one for your very own “guilty pleasure,” whether you’re new to this particular genre or a longtime fan, you could do far worse than turn to these five series:

One of the pros of the movie is that this movie is taken from a series and earned a very big amount. The cons include that if you want to watch the movie with your kids and family then you can’t as it includes some disturbing content which is not suitable for your kids.